At You Luckie Dog!

Playground Fun!

At You Luckie Dog! Doggie Daycare Resort & Spa your furry friend will be matched with a play group of other friendly, sociable dogs of similar size, energy level and play style. Play groups enjoy 8-10 hours of group play in our spacious indoor Play Spaces and our outdoor Canine Country Club. Play Spaces feature Little Tykes Play Structures-perfect for lounging and/or a game of hide and seek, splash pools, state of the art pet turf (so your pooch can romp safely and stay clean too!) and more. A day at You Luckie Dog! Starts with morning check-in to Noon Nap-time. Your Little Pal will be tuckered out from morning play and enjoy a treat and nap in their individual room. After Nap-time, your Buddy will return to their Play Group and romp to their heart’s delight until check out or bedtime. Whether your Best Friend is enjoying a day visit while you’re at work, or staying overnight while you vacation or travel, they truly are a Luckie Dog!

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